MyCSU Post: Dear Caffeine

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Dear Caffeine,

Thank you for always being there for me, even when no one else is.

You’re there for me when I wake up in the morning, and you never judge my “no makeup, messy hair, haven’t showered” appearance. Each morning I wake up looking forward to your enjoyable taste and sweet aroma. You put a smile on my face and help me great each new day with positivity.

Thank you for staying up late with me to help me finish my midterm papers. Only you can keep me up till 2:30 in the morning writing a comparative analysis on Iran. You keep my mind sharp, and bring out my best and coffee beans

Thank you for giving me a pick-me-up midday when I just want to go home and nap. You have the ability to inspire me to push through the midday slump and the drive to finish 58 more history flash cards.

Thank you for being versatile. You change to fit my needs. You’ll be an iced Americano on a warm summer day, a hot latte for a winter study session, a cup of green tea on a post-run morning, or a can of red bull for a late drive home from the airport. You even come to me in chocolate, which aside from diamonds, is a girl’s best friend.

On days that we don’t meet, I’m physically affected. My head and heart ache without you. I feel tired, uninspired and lethargic. In fact, I may be falling for you. Thank you again Caffeine, for your steadfast support of my life.



P.S. Are you addicted to caffeine? I clearly am.

happy class registration, may the odds be ever in your favor

MyCSU Post: How to register for classes in 23 easy steps

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It’s the time of the semester when everyone starts registering for fall classes. At this point the honors students and seniors are probably already registered and the rest of us have our registration date and time written on sticky notes posted randomly about the house, noted in our planners and probably even have a timer set in our phones. We are anxiously awaiting the moment it opens so we can sign up for the class that has one open seat left. As if spring tests weren’t enough stress… So how does one register for class?

happy-class-registration-may-the-odds-be-ever-in-your-favor effie meme

  1. Meet with your advisor. A lot of majors require an advising code before you are allowed to register. At these meetings you’ll learn which classes are recommended, what courses you’ll need to stay on track and you can ask any questions you might have about the registration process. College advisor helping student
  2. Now you’ll want to eagerly explore your course options. Search for classes, figure out what times they’re offered, look up course descriptions, search for professors etc.
  3. “Create your schedule” I put that in quotes because chances are you won’t get the schedule you were hoping for when it actually comes time to register. Those 18-person journalism courses fill up quickly… unless it’s copy editing. No one wants to voluntarily take copy editing.
  4. Create your backup schedule. Ok, so if I can’t get into this class, I suppose this one wouldn’t be tooooo bad.i don't always try to register for classes but when i do, all the ones i want are taken
  5. Play Tetris with your schedule.
  6. Explore electives like oceanography, choir and pottery. Get super excited about one. Realize that you’ve changed your major too many times to allow for electives. Cry. Move on with life.
  7. Go back to creating your real schedule.
  8. Get annoyed that the one class that you really want to take is ONLY offered MWF from 2:00-2:50 and you have no other classes on Friday.
  9. I’ll deal with you later
  10. Procrastinate schedule making and wait for freak-out moment to commence.
  11. Freak-out moment commences. Actually finalize schedule.
  12. Attempt to log onto Ramweb 15 minutes before registration time.
  13. Get kicked off.
  14. Try again.
  15. Get kicked off.
  16. Try again.
  17. Get kicked off.
  18. Sigh.
  19. Try again. SUCCESS!!!!
  20. Go to registration page.
  21. Hit refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.
  22. Once registration opens frantically sign up for all the classes that have one open spot left. hurry!
  23. Successfully register and treat yourself to a well-deserved cup of coffee.
    success meme with baby

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Joyce Barry, Dean, Warner College of Natural Resources

Celebrating Dean Joyce Berry

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Celebrating Dean Joyce Berry

April 9, 2014 
By Marissa Isgreen

Warner College of Natural Resources Dean Joyce Berry will retire May 31, 2014 after more than 27 years of service at Colorado State University. 

Warner College of Natural Resources Dean Joyce Berry.

Warner College of Natural Resources Dean Joyce Berry.

A retirement celebration is planned for Berry on Friday, April 11 from 4 – 6 p.m. at the Lory Student Center North Ballroom where colleagues, friends, students and alumni will celebrate her outstanding career.

During her career at CSU, Berry has grown with the University serving in a range of academic and administrative positions across campus. Starting as a research associate for Warner College in ’76, she advanced through the ranks to become a professor, department head, assistant dean, and began her first term as dean in 2004. She also served as CSU’s vice president for Advancement and Strategic Initiatives and is the former director of CSU’s Environment and Natural Resource Policy Institute.

As dean for Warner College, Berry brought the College through a time of instability, as natural resources issues were overshadowed and higher education funding suffered. She persevered through budget cuts and enrollment declines, and strategically led the College to become the most comprehensive and largest named natural resources college of its kind. Continue Reading

girl with head down on desk sick of studying

MyCSU Post: 12 things I’ve learned in the first half of my college career

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It amazes me that in four more weeks of classes I’ll be half way done with my college career. One month. Half way done. It feels like just a couple months ago I was touring CSU for orientation, only a couple weeks ago that I was giving my teary-eyed parents a hug and kiss goodbye, and just a couple days ago that I survived my first round of college tests. But in actuality it’s been years. Literally at this point. So lesson number one:

  1. Enjoy it. Live it. Appreciate it. College is tough, and frankly can really suck sometimes, but I look back at the last two years, and I realize how amazing they were. I’m so lucky to attend an awesome school, with awesome people, in an awesome town. This only happens once, so make the most of it.
  2. And with that, try things! I’ve written about this before. You can sleep when you’ve got a bachelor’s degree. Until then, grasp opportunity.
  3. And it’s okay to stay up till 3 a.m. on a Tuesday night watching House of Cards on Netflix when you’ve got a 9 a.m. the next morning. Mom definitely wouldn’t have allowed that to happen in high school, so why not take advantage of it now. You get to make your own decisions. Being slightly irresponsible for one night is not gonna kill you. So grab your popcorn, blanket and hot chocolate and enjoy that Netflix marathon. You deserve it!
    i do marathons on netflix
  4. At some point, your brain is going to stop caring about certain subjects. When this happens you gotta prioritize your studies and push through the classes your brain stops worrying about (I’m looking at you World History from 1500-present).
    girl laying head on desk, obviously done with studying
  5. If given a short answer exam, ramble. Seriously. Write down every possible thing that has to do with the question asked. They aren’t grading you on organization.
  6. Go visit your TAs. I’m convinced that I’ve done better on my writing assignments after visiting with the TA about the first one.
    office hours
  7. Hold the door for people. It makes you feel better, it makes them feel better, and it seems to be an unspoken rule amongst CSU students, faculty, and staff.
  8. If you don’t like going outside or being active, learn to like it. Fort Collins is one of the most active places I’ve ever been. I’d be willing to guess 90 percent of the population has some outdoor hobby—even if it’s just walking the dog.
    trail foco
  9. Stop worrying about your clothes, makeup or hair. People truly do not care in college. If you show up to your 8 a.m. looking like you just rolled out of bed, we feel ya bro.
  10. Finding close parking at any other time than 2 p.m. on a Friday is futile. It’s gonna take longer to drive in circles around the parking lot than to park in the far lot and just walk.
  11. Make an email signature and actually use your email!
  12. Don’t stress about laundry. Trust me; it’ll get done… when you’re out of underwear.

I realize I probably sound like a graduating senior, and I’m nowhere near that. But the fact that I’m half way done recently hit me, and it’s honestly amazed me. I’ve learned so much in just two years. I look forward to what the next two will bring…

Happy Humpday Rams!

Marz <3

P.S. This.

Guest Blogger

After shadowing Linhart PR for a day, I was asked to write a blog about my experience there. It was featured as a guest blog on their website. Check it out!

In my recent MyCSU blog post, I added to my feelings about shadow day. I’ll copy that below.

Each year, the PRSA Colorado Chapter puts on a Shadow Day where local students are paired with PR professionals to experience the world of public relations. I was paired with Linhart PR. Because I’m lazy, I’m going to link the blog I wrote for them about my experience rather than rewriting it again. :p
My favorite part of the day was the PRSA luncheon—because of the food obviously. I’m kidding. What I enjoyed was guest speaker Tracy Weise’s talk about crisis communications plans. She supervised the communications for the Health Center of Aurora during the Aurora Theater Shooting.
Shadow Day also made me appreciate my CSU jobs even more than I already do and made me realize how much experience I’m gaining weekly because of them. While I loved shadowing one of the best PR agencies in Denver and am thrilled at the networking experience it provided me, I realized how ahead of the game I am as a sophomore working for Warner College and MyCSU. I’m already engulfed in the world of public relations four days a week, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m gaining valuable, real-world experience that I’m probably not going to get in class. When I came to CSU for an education, I hadn’t expected that my jobs would be educating me as much as my classes would.

Unconventional Post About Cats

One of the requirements for MyCSU is to post things on Tumblr, follow people on Tumblr, re-blog things on Tumblr etc. And inevitably whenever I sit down to scroll through our feed I find HILARIOUS animal videos. While looking through my own blog this morning I found that I have a category called “Random Cool Stuff” and the description states that there will be cute cat videos included. I pride myself on telling the truth, so without further adieu, here are some links to adorable, cute and funny cat videos (and maybe other animals too).


Have a great day!!



MyCSU Post: Just Go For It

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I’m currently working on my first of two major papers for my comparative government and politics class. After a couple weeks of diving into the history and politics of Iran, we are to determine why there isU.S. flag and Iranian flag being zipped together anti-Western rhetoric in Iran and categorize our evidence into a rational/economic, cultural or  structural/political argument (super fancy political science terms- If you want an explanation of those, click here).

I’m so engrossed in the topic that I’m actually having a hard time breaking out of that train of thought and blogging today—which is probably why I’m blogging about what I’m writing about. That makes me a super nerd huh?

Out of the Ordinary Source

I’m particularly excited because I just talked with Barbara Slavin, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center and a correspondent for She’s the author of the bookBitter Friends, Bosom Enemies: Iran, the US and the Twisted Path to Confrontation, so in short, she’s an expert on Iran and a very successful journalist.

Exceed Expectations

This paper does not require that we go out and interview someone. In fact, our instructor didn’t even suggest that we might want to do that. She simply gave us a list of respected news outlets that have written on the topic. While I thoroughly enjoy using news articles for research, I wanted more. During my research, I found a woman named Robin Wright come up more than once, so I reached out to her to see if we could chat about the topic. She is currently doing research in Tehran for an upcoming book, so she referred me to Barbara. I emailed her this morning and by 1:30 we were chatting about the complicated relationship and history between Iran and the United States. She even offered to answer any other questions that might come up via email, and told me, “I think it’s important for us old women to talk with you younger women.” Talk about feeling important.

I’m sure my journalistic background pushed me to pursue an expert in the field and kept me from feeling like I had no business talking with such an important person. I never once felt intimidated nor did I hesitate about emailing either of these ladies.

A Lesson to be LearnedDream-Big-Yellow

If I learn nothing about Iran from this experience, I will have at least realized the power of simply reaching out. “No” is a word that we often hear, but it seems to me “yes” can be just as common.  If we worry about being judged, shut down or dismissed, we will never attempt difficult things, and we won’t dream big.

My comparative government and politics instructor refers to all of us as scholars. Her reasoning is that we are actively pursuing knowledge and contributing to the field of academia. So whether you are a freshman in your first weeks at CSU or a graduate defending your thesis, you are a scholar. I think that’s important to remember because it opens the door to a new group of intelligent people from which to speak to and learn from.


Marz <3

P.S. The Broncos let Champ Bailey go.